Transitioning from the military to civilian life

Transitioning from the military to civilian life

Transitioning from the military to civilian life

Transitioning from the military to civilian life.  

Congratulations on serving your country.  Our gratitude and appreciation is overwhelming but you need to find your place in a civilian workplace and permanent residence.  The first order of business is to decide where you go from here.

Identify the special skills you have attained while serving our great nation.  Jobs are plentiful and many companies are committed to providing employment opportunities to you specifically.  FedEx, for example, is a large company interested in your skills and discipline as well as numerous smaller firms and federal, state and local government offices that would welcome your employment.

Writing a great resume and cover letter is very important but just as important is practicing interview skills.  Pay special attention to questions that you are likely to be asked and always bring your training and skills into the conversation.  Dress for success – your appearance during the first second is key. Your ability to connect the job you are seeking with your experience, is also important.  Look up information on your prospective employer.  Know something about the company and bring that into the conversation.  Ask questions about the job and what success in that job looks like.  Learn from prior interviews, what went well and what you could improve.  Ask for feedback good or bad.  Make sure that you provide the interviewer with the sense that you are very interested and looking forward to their offer.  Ask when they will be making a decision.  Review on line tutorials for further hints and interview tips.  

Resources to consider:

     – Large Companies: and  Both are excellent websites to begin your search.

     – Government Jobs:  

                  Feds Jobs –

                  Federal Government –                            

                  U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs –

     – Self Employment

                 U.S. Small Business Administration –

                 Veteran Women –

                 Vetfran –



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