Caregivers – stress management, the best you!

Caregivers and their family

Caregivers – stress management, the best you!

Caregivers – stress management is key to both maintaining the health and welfare of the person you are helping as well as yourself. Caregivers – stress management, the best you!

Remember that if you are not okay; you can’t be the best you for yourself or those you love.  

Who you are caring for doesn’t matter.  It can be your elderly parent, your disabled child, your friends or neighbors.  It can be a permanent situation of a temporary one.  The bottom line is that you need to nourish yourself while nourishing their needs.  Why? simply because, we are human and life can present challenges without adding on the stresses of being responsible for and resolving the challenges of those we care for.

The old saying goes that God doesn’t hand you any more than you can handle.  That may be true but it is also true that you are also a child of God and need support as well.

This blog will review some of the ways you can relieve the stresses you feel as a caregiver.  It is important that while you read this blog, that you focus on your situation and what your specific needs are.  Think outside the box, look for solutions that may seem unattainable and work on possible answers.

The first step is identify what your challenges are.  My goal is to identify starting points for your consideration.  

Financial considerations: the cost of medication, doctor visits  and other expenses are one of the biggest stressors.  AARP has provided several resources that may assist.  

 – provides information and resources and links to organizations that can provide financial assistance.

 – helps people 55 and older locate funding resources

 – provides a list of organizations that help with expenses mostly for cancer patients.

Getting help: realistically you can’t do it all.  Ask family, friends and neighbors to assist in ways they can.  Can they provide a meal, help you with bathing, mow the yard or go food shopping?  Perhaps provide a little company or read a book while you go out for a much needed walk around the block.  Little things go a long way but remember to limit your request to specific things and show your appreciation.  

Getting paid professional assistance in the home can be a huge stress reliever.  Again remember that if you feel fatigued, stressed and overwhelmed; you can also get sick.  There is a huge connection between mind and body.  There has been documentation that stress over long periods of time or acute stress can bring and or progress physical ills.

Let’s talk about you? are you isolating yourself? have you forgotten what it feels like to laugh, watch a movie, read a book or go to your house of worship?  Are you simply overwhelmed with tasks that eat up your day and haunt your sleep?  You must disconnect.  Need to take an hour everyday to do what you need to do for you – whatever that may be.  Take that long bath, meditate or talk to your best friend on the phone.  Whatever it is – do it with no regret.  Join a support group and connect with other caregivers in your community.  Get regular sleep, exercise and eat healthy foods.  Nourish yourself by taking care of your appearance.  Find Joy and purpose.

I am a Real Estate Broker who understands and values those that take care of others.  I appreciate your sacrifice.  I hold a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation so that i can serve our senior community.  My goal, is to serve you, when and if you need to sell or buy another home.  If you need placement in a 55+ active community, minimal care facility, memory care and other facilities as your need dictates.  My goal is to listen to your needs and bring a team together to address your concerns as well as provide full real estate services that are complete and seamless.  Reducing worry and stress by communication with you and finding solutions. Please review my website.

I am here, i care and i will do my best to help.  Call me at your convenience.

Caregivers – stress management, the best you!

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